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PHP Manager Fails to install on Windows 2016

Most of my web-dev projects are PHP based, and most of the data I work with is in MSSQL, so I end up using a combination of IIS + PHP + MSSQL pretty often. I just spun up my first Windows 2016 server, and promptly encountered issues installing PHP using Microsoft’s own Web Platform Installer tool (even using the latest version; 5.0 as of this writing). I was able to get PHP and the SQL drivers to install, but PHP Manager kept failing.

The fix: Change the registry key below from the default decimal value of 10 to a lower value; changing to 9 worked for me. Close regedit, re-run WPI and the installation will complete successfully. Go back into regedit and change the value back to 10 to prevent issues with future installations/updates of other IIS related apps that might check that value.

Edit: also make sure you have .Net 3.5 installed. WPI doesn’t prompt for it as a dependency, but the PHP Manager install will fail without it.

Edit v2: Apparently WPI should no longer be trusted for installing PHP Manager for IIS. Grab the MSI file for your version of IIS from this Git repo: https://github.com/edgardo001/PHPManagerForIIS-Versiones.

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32 bit ODBC config on 64 bit windows

Got a legacy 32 bit app that uses DSNs, but you’re running it on Windows 7 x64 or Win2008 R2? Be sure you setup your DSN under the 32 bit ODBC utility. It’s the same interface, just the 32 bit version, but the utility in Administrative Tools is for the native 64 bit platform so your 32 bit app won’t even be able to see the DSNs you create there.

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