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It’s April 1st and Where’s Conficker?

This new ‘Conficker’ worm is begging to be put into perspective, so here goes: It’s a hoax.

For the last few days I’ve been subjected to hearing just about every customer, talk-radio personality, tech blogger, and news anchor talking about it and expressing concern over it.

I’m betting there’s a doomsday-scenario freak somewhere at whatever tech security firm discovered the supposed ‘worm’ that blew the whole idea of this virus out of proportion and now everyone is paying the price for his paranioa.

Then again-I’ll gladly scan your computer for viruses (for a fee) and install antivirus software (for a fee) and even install security updates for your operating system (for a fee).

Maybe I shouldn’t complain…those ‘doomsday freaks’ are who keep geeks like me in a job.


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